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Some thinking June 15th 2013

When you read, do you really catch the thought process? For instance, Gigacom’s meeting talked about the NSA Snoop. the best point in the article is “who owns what?” And when you read how many requests are made to the likes of Google, Facebook, etc., one can see where it might get interesting.

Anyone who has ever watched a spy movie and marvels at the technology, if they think like me know that it has already been surpassed by the government.

On one hand we want our country to be safe and yet to do that, they may be required to go deeper. The obvious problems to me are who do they investigate. A blanket investigation of everyone, every call, every email, does not see efficient nor legal.

Your first start at privacy probably ought to be an understanding of what you use, what you use it for and how you use it. A larger concern ought to be who they are targeting. Tea Parties, journalists, conservative groups as well as members of government have all come out in the last few days..

I always come back to this thought. If you want to change something this big, you will need to do it on a local level, long before you put a stranglehold on the top.

Misuse of Credit Cards and Bad Checks

My wife is a home buyer counselor. Each day people with real problems come to her to resolve their issues, try to keep their homes, avoid foreclosure or just get a new home. After 11 years my wife has developed a philosophy. “I am not going to care more than you do.” Some of these folks do dumb things.

newsAt 58 years old, I have been around enough business and people to know there is consequences for actions.

My daughter works in Human Resources. Hardly a month goes by where she is not called to be part of investigation in an employee’s life. The reason often is credit card misuse or expense account fraud. The person is FIRED!

So seeing this headline just causes me anger. Why credit card fraud? Bad checks? Are they going to prosecute?

More Than 1,000 IRS Employees Misused Government Charge Cards…

What is your thought?

A morning’s reading…June 13th, 2013

I read a lot of what is going on in the world. This is some of the few that I think are on the table today. (Obviously there is a lot, but these may provoke discussion.)

Implosion of Film Industry
Will you pay $25 for Ironman?
What do we do with him?
What will they do with Snowden, the NSA hacker?
NSA hacks China
I struggle with the idea that we might think this is not probable nor even reasonable on a level or two.
How safe is Splenda?
I do not use sweetner of any kind, but have lots of friends who use this one.

A few to think about today.



Like many, the last few months have shown us how untrustworthy many of those who work in government are. Whether we talk about the cover ups of Benghazi, IRS targeting of individuals and organizations, NSA snooping, Affordable Healthcare or others, it has been a long round of concern for the American public and the America I once knew.

We have  never resolved the answers o the Mexican gun running, the DOJ spying on the press, Sebelius shaking down health insurance executives, the State Dept. (new today) interfering with an IG investigation on dept. sexual misconduct and now we have HHS employees being given insider information on Medicare Advantage.The consistent issue is lack of understanding, knowledge and direction by the American public at large. Only a system of educating these folks and not pointing the finger every time something happens will turn this around.checIt may well be found in this.’s Dr. Susan Berry writes of a quiet revolution that gives hope for America’s future. That revolution is homeschooling. Parents sick of failing schools and mindless liberal indoctrination are taking back their kids. And homeschoolers are kicking butt! Berry: “Recent studies laud homeschoolers’ academic success, noting their significantly higher ACT-Composite scores as high schoolers and higher grade point averages as college students.” Some stats: 1) Since 1999, kids being homeschooled is up 75%, a growth rate 7 times that of public school enrollment 2) Avg. performance on standardized tests: Public schooler – 50th percentile, Homeschooler – Between the 65th and 89th percentile 3) Avg. cost per year: Public schooler – $10,000, Homeschooler – $500 to $600 And I bet many homeschoolers can mention God at their graduation ceremonies. Now if we can just start homeschooling college students. Decades of big government liberalism have ruined our schools & colleges. It’s great to see more & more Americans fighting back! Perhaps it is time to review a system or two that leads to the corruption and conspiracy within the government.

Rethinking Government’s Role

It appears to be a universal human truth that those who hold power not only are reluctant to yield it, but rather seek its increase. This holds true from the pettiest bureaucrat to the mightiest monarch.

Lord Acton, the English historian, politician and writer who first wrote, “All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely” understood this. So did the founders of our nation. They sought to establish a system of government which distributed and checked power, leaving it ultimately in the hands of the people.

But even the best intentioned and designed system is subject to the maneuvers of men and it appears that our own governmental system has just about completed its evolution from one which protects and respects the individual rights of it citizens to one which the people are beginning to fear. With new information coming to light every day exposing the machinations of the current administration, built upon those of previous administrations, I do not hesitate to declare the United States government “absolutely corrupt.”

The use of government agencies to spy upon and intimidate millions of innocent Americans, most of whose only crime has been to exercise their First Amendment rights to disagree politically with the powers-that-be or report on their questionable actions is unconscionable and, in the truest sense, un-American. At the same time, the Fourth Amendment seems to be just a nuisance to our government. After all, who can say the people are secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects when their government has demonstrated the ability and willingness to access these sacred domains?

Astonishingly, there are apologists who continue to take the side of might over right. They are those to whom party is more important than principle, whose blue Kool-Aid-stained lips and tongues will sneeringly ask “So? What do you have to fear if you’re not doing anything wrong?” They are the type of whom Martin Niemoller wrote in his famous poem about Nazi Germany, which ends with the line “Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.”

But they are not alone in their culpability. We are, all of us, responsible for the mess which is our government. We have become lazy – physically, yes, but worst of all, intellectually. We ignore our history and the inspirational ideas about individual liberty and responsibility that were at the foundation of the American experiment. We take at face value the words and promises of politicians, bureaucrats, pundits and experts without understanding their own entanglement in a system that benefits the well-connected. We let them tell us we need to tighten our belts and give them more of our money and then are surprised and outraged when we discover they have wasted it on multi-million dollar junkets and luxurious conferences. We foolishly believe they have our best interests at heart despite repeated demonstrations that their own interests come first and foremost.

We accept the flawed premise that those in charge know better what we need and what we are capable of than we do ourselves. We allow them to provide for our families, our friends and our neighbors when we ourselves are so much better equipped to assume that responsibility. We trust their intentions more than those of the people with whom we rub shoulders and peacefully interact every day. Despite ample evidence that the vast majority of the American people are good, kind and generous, they’ve somehow convinced us we need them to help us take care of each other. We forget that a government large and powerful enough to provide all things is large and powerful enough to take all things from us.

That taking has begun, and it goes far beyond the material. We no longer jealously guard our civil rights or those of others. We accept the curtailment of speech through intimidation, we do not question their right to such information as private as what we earn or as personal as when and why we see a doctor. We allow our conversations to be recorded and our data managed. When individuals or organizations try to fight back we take the side of the oppressors, hoping our loyalty will protect us from similar scrutiny. It will not.

It is time to redefine our relationship with government. We have accepted its role as benevolent caretaker so long we have become infantilized as a people. We are soft and childlike, afraid to push back against a domineering and abusive parent. While it is frightening to embrace both personal and political adulthood, it is also exhilarating and rewarding. Ultimately, healthy relationships require the participation of equals. We must assume our place as equals in the political system. It’s time to grow up, America.

Audrey Pietrucha is a member of the executive board of Vermonters for Liberty. She may be reached at