Some thinking June 15th 2013

When you read, do you really catch the thought process? For instance, Gigacom’s meeting talked about the NSA Snoop. the best point in the article is “who owns what?” And when you read how many requests are made to the likes of Google, Facebook, etc., one can see where it might get interesting.

Anyone who has ever watched a spy movie and marvels at the technology, if they think like me know that it has already been surpassed by the government.

On one hand we want our country to be safe and yet to do that, they may be required to go deeper. The obvious problems to me are who do they investigate. A blanket investigation of everyone, every call, every email, does not see efficient nor legal.

Your first start at privacy probably ought to be an understanding of what you use, what you use it for and how you use it. A larger concern ought to be who they are targeting. Tea Parties, journalists, conservative groups as well as members of government have all come out in the last few days..

I always come back to this thought. If you want to change something this big, you will need to do it on a local level, long before you put a stranglehold on the top.

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