Why I Care

keepstrongI  am a history buff, and yet I realize after 58 years not everything goes the way I plan or think it ought to. I have watched a country I love and care about develop some symptoms and tendencies that I care little for. My mom was a history teacher and while she would be termed liberal in her thinking and process, she cared about history. She would be appealed with the rewrites of things she knew and had studied.

My intentions are here. I am a 58 year old many who cares deeply for the country we live in and it’s people. By most standards, I am a libertarian in my thought process. Not everything is “right” about me and my beliefs. I do believe in God , but so do many on both sides of the coin. I believe only the people can and will ultimately repair and bring restoration to so much we have witnessed.that

I am a numbers guy. If the numbers do not work, let’s not fudge them or hide things. Let’s straight up deal with them.

Ultimately it is you and I who will be responsible for reparation. My suggestion is let it begin. The greatest revolution in our country is not by empty or angry words, or guns and weapons, but by people determining to work in their community and make it better. By being active participants in the process known as government.

If The Spirit Of Government is anything…it is people.


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