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Bail Out Detroit?

I read the following article on bailing out Detroit and thought are you kidding me? The simple fact that a city can not control the only thing it has to control, the government and the city’s property seems to evade people. If people move out because things have changed, reduce your expenses. Do not make promises that you are unable to keep.

That is what I tell my children. Under promise, over deliver!

Misuse of Credit Cards and Bad Checks

My wife is a home buyer counselor. Each day people with real problems come to her to resolve their issues, try to keep their homes, avoid foreclosure or just get a new home. After 11 years my wife has developed a philosophy. “I am not going to care more than you do.” Some of these folks do dumb things.

newsAt 58 years old, I have been around enough business and people to know there is consequences for actions.

My daughter works in Human Resources. Hardly a month goes by where she is not called to be part of investigation in an employee’s life. The reason often is credit card misuse or expense account fraud. The person is FIRED!

So seeing this headline just causes me anger. Why credit card fraud? Bad checks? Are they going to prosecute?

More Than 1,000 IRS Employees Misused Government Charge Cards…

What is your thought?

A morning’s reading…June 13th, 2013

I read a lot of what is going on in the world. This is some of the few that I think are on the table today. (Obviously there is a lot, but these may provoke discussion.)

Implosion of Film Industry
Will you pay $25 for Ironman?
What do we do with him?
What will they do with Snowden, the NSA hacker?
NSA hacks China
I struggle with the idea that we might think this is not probable nor even reasonable on a level or two.
How safe is Splenda?
I do not use sweetner of any kind, but have lots of friends who use this one.

A few to think about today.